Graveyard shift.

Average is closer to the $200-210,000/yr during career. .



There are PA's making close to $100 an hour. Company B. So-so benefits and not much allowances.


. . Slightly higher basic salary.

Graveyard shift. This is insane.


This is assuming a federal Income tax rate of 15%, California state income tax rate of 6.

Slightly higher basic salary. So-so.

As for the PA vs MD debate, there's plenty of information on that in the sub. As a staff physician, you start at $135,000/yr but jump to $150,000 after three years (promotion to Major) and, for me, to $190,000 two years later (bonuses).

From your experience with both fields, do you believe that it would have been challenging to have a similar work/life balance if you were an MD earlier? I see many.
PA vs MD: Job Satisfaction, Work-Life Balance, and Burnout What is the Day-to-Day Like For PAs? Physician Assistants often have more room to arrange for.
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Other factors are not to do with the speciality but can still influence how good the work-life balance are:.


Rank-and-file role, not a lot of career growth but medyo mas chill. . Besides the financial aspect, the following 7 points will make your decision of PA vs.

Good career path but reviews say no work-life balance. Unfortunately, the results were not encouraging. A survey with 115,000 participants revealed that 42% of MDs were burnt out and most of them belonged to the following specializations: Endocrinology. . International company (?) but BPO industry. .

Apr 19, 2021 · MD Work-Life Balance and Burnout.

. Day shift.

Company B.

Physician assistants enjoy a typical work-life balance, but doctors earn a more lucrative salary.

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Slightly higher basic salary.

Graveyard shift.